Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Prince Charming (Behind the Screen) Book One

I guess you'll either love or hate this story, who knows. I struggled just a little with it, but I have my reasons for writing it. It will all come together in the end I suppose, although I can't be sure where it's heading. My stories tend to surprise me. I remember discussing the story idea with a friend, who gave me an idea that added to the story. So yes, I hope you enjoy!

The masks they wear the games they play. Who knows who is who, but when online dating goes wrong, things start to get messy.

Woman meets two men; in this case Harmony meets the gorgeous Marcus and the sexy Derek. What could possibly go wrong? They’re all professionals, they all look and seem sincere, but very quickly things start to unfold. It’s not what you think or is it? Anyone can be anyone behind the screen!


Masters of Deception
Harmony gazed into the fridge. The Marks and Spencers spaghetti bolognaise sounded like a treat. It had been a long day, and all she wanted to do was relax in front of the computer and talk to the two men that had caught her eye. She pulled out the meal and placed it in the microwave. A few minutes later, she was in front of the laptop.
Fifty messages! Harmony had joined the dating site a few weeks ago. Four dates had brought no love, but there were two men who had caught her attention. She scrolled the inbox. There they were, messages from the men she actually wanted to hear from. Harmony pressed on princecharming’s message first.
Hey, hope all is well. How was your day? I’m sure it was more eventful than mine x.
She slurped the spaghetti and smiled. She opened the next message.
Evening beautiful, hope you had a good day. Mine was challenging as you can imagine. There’s no sleep when you’re chasing down the bad guys, haha! Anyway tell me about your day, it would be a break away from my life. xx
Again she smiled. Both men were online.
Hey Marcus! I’m well thank you, even better hearing from you. What was it about your day that wasn’t great? I’m sure you’re more than satisfied with your work. I mean, it sounded like it the first time we spoke. My day was the usual. Answering phones, greeting clients and all the boring stuff a receptionist does. Tell me about your day, I’d love to hear about it! xx
She pressed the send button.
Derek, nice to hear from you again. Have you been chasing down bad guys again,haha!  I find it extremely sexy. *Smiles*. My day was great, besides the usual lessons, I gave my form class a lecture on safety on the internet. I’m not sure they listened to a word I said. But hey, I’ve got to try.
She sat back and waited. Finished the rest of the spaghetti and put the bowl to the side. A message arrived from Marcus.
Well my dear beautiful lady, your company wouldn’t cope without you, so you’re a very important part of it. They should thank you for your beautiful face everyday haha! My day was okay, as I’ve said in my previous emails, I’m an artist, but also a gallery owner. I’m struggling with a picture at the moment. There’s something missing, and it’s really bugging me, that’s all. Anyway, you might be the answer to that missing piece. Your face is an art in itself. Beautiful dark eyes, lovely brown skin and yes, amazing body! You could be the answer!
The message pinged.
Oh Marcus, you flatter me! Kind of you to say those words. Maybe I will be the missing piece. Any plans this weekend?
She sent the email, and in came an email from Derek
Not much chasing bad guys, but catching them haha! Well I’m sure some of your students took your lecture to heart. It’s important that they are aware of the dangers of the internet. So…Are you free sometime this weekend? I’d really like to meet with you. x
A few more messages pinged up on her screen, but she only opened the one from Marcus.
My plan this weekend is to ask you out on a date. I’ve been dying to do it, but have held back a little. Would you like to go out this weekend? Xx
      Harmony scanned the email and giggled. Both men wanted a date. She waited and thought about it. There was so much running through her mind. After a few moments she typed.
Are you free on Sunday? Xx
She sent the email to Derek and then typed another.
We could go out on Saturday? Seven okay?
She sent the email to Marcus. Harmony sat back and waited for both men to accept. Well she at least hoped they would. And as predicted both men replied.
Saturday’s great! Can I get your number? Where would you like to go? Xx
She clicked on Derek’s message.
Sunday’s sounds like a plan! What time? Could I get your number so we could do this over text? Xx
Harmony waited a little, just to let them simmer. She’d give them her number, but not immediately. She clicked on a few messages that caught her interest. None of them were as thrilling as the two she’d been communicating with. She clicked on Derek’s profile. He was thirty four, six foot three, blonde with green eyes. There were five photos of him, but the one she liked the most was the one of him in a pair of shorts and a vest on a beach somewhere.
‘What lovely arms you have,’ she said to herself as her eyes wondered down the toned arms.
She took her time to re-read his profile. He’d been single for a year and wanted to get back into dating. He was easy going, played football and loved spending time with his friends and family. His favourite holiday was in Rhodes.  After she’d scanned his photos one more time, she ventured onto Marcus’s profile.
He was six foot four, black hair and blue eyes. He looked like a guy out of a magazine. He was an artist, owned his own gallery and loved to play golf on his days of leisure. He was also easy going, which seemed to be the case with most guys.  Why was it they were always easy going? Why couldn’t they be fun, full of life? Easy going was a bit boring and predictable, but his looks made up for it. Marcus had seven photos of himself. The man was stunning, she couldn’t blame him for wanting to show off the fact. She nodded, not smiling much. Too many thoughts spun around, but wouldn’t let them take her off track.
Satisfied by both, Harmony responded to each email. Agreed to both dates and times, and sent them her phone number. Immediately after that she signed off.

There were a few things she wanted to do before bed. The house was a mess and there were things to put in place. 

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Saturday, 10 January 2015

Lifted ( Beautiful Series) Book 2

This is the last part to the Beautiful Series. I decided to complete it. I'm working on a new series already and plan to bring back Victor and London back because a few readers have requested it, and I have more story to tell about them. 

I hope you enjoy the last part to the Beautiful series!

Faith has taken a huge blow to her life. Will she ever recover? She’d been so tied to her beauty that it was hard for her to separate herself from it. Miserable, she falls into a deep dark hole. Logan, who has become her rock, has given up. He can’t make her see what she refuses to see. But shocking news might be what she needs to change. 

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Sunday, 14 December 2014

Fallen (Beautiful Series book 1)

The book that would not let me sleep! This story just wouldn't let me rest, I spent hours writing the first part. It was so exciting to write, I love, love, love it! I can't wait to get to the second part, and I don't even know where it's heading, haha! I guess when I'm inspired to write a story, I just have to get it out. 

Well here's my new series Beautiful. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it! 

What happens when you have it all? When things come to you easily? Faith has it all, the looks, the amazing boyfriend, a successful business. She isn’t afraid to ask for what she wants, and squash a person under her foot if need be.

But then life sends a surprising blow that will change her life forever. It will force her to stop and take a look at her life. It will force her to ask what beauty is, what true love means and who her true friends are. Faith has to take a whole new look at life. 


‘I’ll make you a deal.’ He leaned against the bar so he could see her beautiful face. ‘I’ll pay you a thousand pounds to go back to my hotel room and let one of my mate’s film us.’
She turned around, stood up and slapped him across the face. ‘Asshole!’ She walked away from him.’
‘Ooooooh!’ There was a roar from his friends.
‘Two thousand!’ He shouted.
There was laughter from the table. He really wasn’t good at his game that night. He ordered around for them all and walked back to the table.
‘Losing your touch there, Logan.’ Teased Roy.
‘Nah, she’s just a stuck up bitch. Give it time, I’ll find the right one.’
Faith walked into the fancy bar and looked around. Mel hadn’t arrived yet. She checked her watch and swore under her breath. It wasn’t like Mel to be late. She headed for the bar and ordered a glass of red.
‘Now look at that!’ Logan bit back his lip. ‘That is more than a ten.’ He could feel himself go hard.
‘So go and get her.’ A friend dared him.  
He ran a hand through his hair and then walked up to the gorgeous woman at the bar.
‘Hi,’ he leaned against the bar.
‘Not interested, buzz off!’ She didn’t even turn to look at him.
‘You didn’t even give me a chance.’
‘Again. Not interested!’
The barman brought her drink.
‘I’ll get that,’ said Logan.
‘Oh no you won’t!’ She placed a ten pound note on the bar before he could pay.
‘Wow, you’re one sassy bitch!’
‘You’ve got that right, now buzz off!’
She still hadn’t looked at him, and it annoyed him that she wouldn’t give him the time of day.
‘I’ll pay you five thousand pounds to sleep with me tonight.’
She stood up and kicked him between the legs. He buckled and bowed forward.
‘Knob head!’ She walked away towards the door just as Mel stepped in. ‘We’re leaving this place. It’s full of pricks!’ She dragged her out of the door.
The barman smiled slightly. The man deserved it. His friends were in a fit of laughter as he tried to gain composure. This had never happened to him twice in a row. Most women would oblige.

Available on Amazon from Monday the 15th December 2014

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Revenge (Beyond Darkness) Book 3

I must say I loved writing this story. I'm sorry to see it finished, but fear not. The next story...well it's got me typing like a maniac. I just can't get enough of these tall dark haired gorgeous men haha! 

Anyway, it's been fun telling London and Victor's story. I've thoroughly enjoyed it. And I hope you do too!

Detective Gates won’t let up, but that doesn’t sway London. She’s more in love with her bad guy than she’s ever been. And Victor proves his love for her over and over. But things aren’t as simple. Victor and London want to live their lives in peace, but there are still a few people who won’t let them just yet.

Once more Victor has to be the monster who will get rid of the bad guys. And once more he proves just how great of a man he really is even if the detective won’t admit to it. To judge without the full story wasn’t a good move on the detective’s part, but he’ll soon find out just how important Victor really is, not just to London, but to him as well. 

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She walked into the penthouse half an hour later. Victor waited to meet her in a black suit, looking delicious as usual.
‘It’s so good to see you!’
He took her into his arms and held onto her tight. ‘I’m so glad to see you honey.’ He kept her in his arms for a while.
She pulled back, lifted to her toes and kissed him.
‘If I hadn’t planned this evening, I’d have you straight upstairs naked.’
She giggled. ‘We have plenty of time for that.’
‘Are you staying?’
‘I want to. Only if you want me to.’
‘Is that even a question? Of course I want you to stay.’
She leaned into him again. ‘You look and smell amazing!’
‘You look stunning too!’
There was a loud sound above the building.
‘What the hell is that?’
‘That, my dear, is our ride.’
‘Our ride?’ she asked confused.
‘Yes.’ He took her by the hand and led her to the roof where a helicopter was waiting.
‘Oh my word!’
‘Do you like it?’
‘I love it!’ She admired the black helicopter.
He helped her into the black power machine, and soon it took off into the night, flying over the city lights.
‘It’s beautiful!’
‘It is isn’t it?’ He brought her hand to his lips. ‘I love you.’
‘I love you too.’ She leaned into him and admired the surrounding beauty.
‘Where are we going?’
‘That’s a surprise.’
‘Okay.’ She was giddy like a little girl. ‘I love surprises.’
‘Good. I hope you like this one.’
‘I will.’ She looked up and their lips touched. ‘I just want to say thank you for being with me. Thank you for standing with me, and not giving up, even when I had.’
‘You didn’t give up. You were tired, depressed. It isn’t something to take lightly. I know you wanted Paige back. I’m just thankful she got to you in time.’
‘Yes, me too.’ She leaned back into him.
‘About the detective, I don’t want you to worry about him.’
‘I won’t. I don’t understand why he’s so adamant to get you.’
‘Isn’t it obvious?’ He looked out into the night.
‘Is it?’
‘He’s doing this for you.’
‘Me?’ She lifted and looked at him.
‘Yes. You. He wants to win your heart.’
She laughed. ‘Really?’
‘You don’t see it?’
‘I’ve been so occupied with Paige, and loving you, how would I?’
‘You have a point.’
‘There’s nothing to worry about. My heart belongs to you.’
‘Will it still belong to me, if you found out about the real me?’
‘I already know the real you.’
‘You know what I mean.’
‘Sweetie, I love you, and that’s it. Let’s focus on that.’
‘Okay.’ He kissed her forehead. He hoped that it would stay that way even if the detective did reveal more about him.
An hour later the helicopter landed on top of a massive yacht.
‘Oh my!’
He led her out onto the beautiful boat.
‘This is amazing!’
He led her into the yacht. The moment she stepped in, she forgot she was on a yacht.
‘This feels like a house.’
‘It’s home away from home.’
‘It’s beautiful!’
He gave her a grand tour of the yacht, and introduced her to the captain, and the other staff members onboard.
‘It’s beautiful on deck for a candle lit dinner, but it’s a bit too cold. But we can do it once the weather turns.’
‘I’d love to. I don’t mind where or what we do, as long as it’s with you!’
‘That’s what I like to hear.’ He took her into his arms again.
‘This feels amazing. Knowing that my daughter is home, and I have you. I couldn’t ask for more.’
He lifted her head and kissed her. They kissed passionately and enjoyed each other’s presence.  There was no rush to be anywhere, and they could just live their lives for that evening.
‘Come, let’s eat.’ He directed her to the area that had been designated for their dinner.
It had been decorated in red and white, lit up by candle light. Light music played in the background. The yacht moved lightly, and it felt soothing.
‘This is perfect, thank you.’
‘Thank you.’ He smiled. ‘You’ve made me see life in such a different way.’
‘I don’t think I’ve done anything.’
‘Don’t be so modest. Of course you have. For starters, you’ve loved me for me.’
‘I do.’ She beamed.
He reached across the table and took her hand and brought it to his lips. The sensation ran through her body and excited her. Each touch from him excited her more and more. A waiter brought a bottle of wine and a starter of crumbed mushrooms on a skewer.
‘You have the best life. You want for nothing,’ she said.
‘I don’t know about that.’ There was a change in his face.
‘Why’s that? Look around you. You’ve been blessed with abundance.’
‘Before you, I would’ve agreed. But now that you’re in my life, I’m not so sure.’
‘I’m not sure I understand.’
‘My life was written out for me. I had little say in it. Some people may beg to differ, but they didn’t know my father and what he was like. This was my life whether I wanted it or not. Then I met you. Fate or whatever you call it brought us together. I found purpose. I felt there was more to life than chasing people down. I felt love for the first time.’
She watched him as he spoke.
‘And now, I look at all this, and don’t even care for it. If it was taken away from me tomorrow, it would be okay, as long as you’re with me.’
‘Aww, honey that’s the nicest thing anyone has said to me.’
‘It’s true. And I’m worried that if the detective does eventually find enough dirt on me. He’ll tell you, and I’ll lose you.’
‘You’ll never lose me.’
‘You can’t be so sure. I’ve done things.’
‘We’ve all done things.’
‘Not like I have. It’s too dark to even talk about.’
‘Then don’t talk about it. I’ve said this before. The you I know, is the only you I need to know.’
He nodded and smiled, but he wasn’t sure. He was certain the detective wanted to destroy him in every way possible.
‘I mean it. It won’t change how I feel about you.’
‘Okay.’ He smiled.
A main course of grilled tiger prawns, swordfish and crayfish served in a creamy bisque was served. There was also a side of salad, which London loved.
‘This is all delicious.’
‘I love watching you eat. You seem so happy.’
‘I do love my food, and now that I have nothing to worry about, it’s more so.’
The meal ended with a sticky chocolate sponge with ice-cream. Later he took her to a different part of the boat, a relaxing area with a couch and soft music. The luxury of the boat was out of this world, and London had no intention of moving. It was too comfortable to move, plus she was stuffed.
‘I could sit here all night.’
‘We can do that if you like.’
‘I’d have to go back for Paige. I don’t think mum intends to spend the night.’
‘Maybe next time then?’
They spent the evening just talking. It was deep and intimate, deeper than their physical intimacy.
‘I’d love to take you to bed right now, but I realise it won’t be possible tonight.’
‘I’m sorry honey. I want it too, but I really must get back.’
‘Of course you must. You have a very important little person waiting for you.’
‘I want you to meet her.’
His eyes widened. ‘I don’t know if that’s a good idea.’
‘Why not? You’re not planning to leave me, are you?’
‘No, of course not. I just don’t want to disrupt her life, and if the detective gets what he wants, it might be best I stay away from her.’
‘Victor.’ She looked him in the eye.
‘I want you to meet her. I believe we have a future together. Unless you don’t’
He was silent a moment, but noticed the look in her eyes.
‘Okay. Let’s set a date.’
She took him into her arms. ‘She’ll love you!’
‘I hope so.’
The ride back in the helicopter was just as thrilling as the first time. It took her breath away just watching the city lights. She didn’t want it to end, but she knew that it was just the beginning of their relationship, and there would be more surprises to come.
After they’d landed on his building, he took her through the penthouse and downstairs to the car.
‘Thank you for such a lovely evening.’ She hugged him.
‘Are you sure you don’t want me to ride with you?’
‘I’m fine. Get some rest. Call me in the morning.’
‘I will.’ He kissed her, and then helped her into the car.
The car pulled away and he walked back into the building, feeling more in love than he’d felt before. 

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Ruthless (Beyond Darkness book 2)

The darkest hour is always before dawn. Sometimes giving up feels like the only option. How can one be so close and yet be so far? Victor becomes London’s strength, and she trusts and follows him into dangerous territory. Just as they are about to see a light at the end of the tunnel, things turn for the worst, and London is left to wonder if things will ever be the same again.

Victor is determined to fight to the very end even if it means searching every part of the universe. But it’s not only Victor who’s determine to win her heart, Detective Gates wants to be her hero too. But it isn’t about that, is it? And the man who truly loves her proves that! 

Available at Amazon, and soon available at Barnes and noble, ARE, Apple and Kobo


They stole short brief kisses. He stopped, lifted her chin, gazed into her eyes, and then planted soft kisses again against her beautiful lips.
‘Hey,’ he withdrew.
‘Hi.’ She pulled back her lips shyly.
He leaned forward and took her fully into his mouth. She weakened and allowed him to rescue her from the pain she felt. Victor felt a warmth he’d never felt in his life. There was something about her that made him want to do better each time. He wanted to impress her, he wanted to make her happy and he wanted to love her.
She withdrew, smiled, took his hand and led him upstairs. He followed quietly. They stepped into her bedroom, their eyes locked. She looked up at him admiringly and couldn’t help, but smile. She ran a finger down the side of his face gently. Victor waited, he allowed her to do as she pleased, which was rare for him.
‘You okay?’ he asked.
‘Yes, I’m fine now that you’re here.’ She put her hands to his shoulders and pulled away the jacket. It fell to the floor. She unbuttoned the light blue shirt and revealed his delicious chest. She ran her hands over him, and he let out a deep moan. Slowly she kissed his neck and travelled down his bare chest. He was taken away by her heated breath, and soft lips. She made her way down his gorgeous body until she reached his waist.
London looked up at him as she undid the belt to the trousers. They fell to the floor. She smiled mischievously, wiggled her hands into his boxers, and brought out his erection. London was bold, she let go of all that was worrying her, and took hold of his length. She flicked her tongue up and down it, and did all manner of tricks, that she didn’t realise were up her sleeve.
‘SHIT!’ He let out.
She kept at it, and enjoyed the sound of his lust. But Victor couldn’t hold out for much longer. She was an attractive woman, and the things he wanted to do to her in that moment brought out the predator in him. He lifted her into his arms and carried her to the bed. His hands rushed towards her jeans and tried to pull them down.
‘It might be helpful if you undo the button and pull down the zip,’ she giggled lightly.
‘You make me so crazy, I can’t think straight.’ He fiddled with the jeans and finally managed to pull them off her.  
He ran his hands between her legs and pulled down her panties. He was over her in minutes, planting himself desperately into her. They took and gave to each other, it was what they both wanted.
‘Shit!’ he let out again. ‘You!’ He breathed, fell into her and took her lips. He kissed her as if his life depended on her breath.
Wrapped up in their love, there were no thoughts of anything. London let out moans of pleasure as did he, and finally they let go and allowed all to just be. He dropped onto her, breathing heavily. She rubbed his back gently. He lifted and kissed her.
‘I love you.’ It slipped from his mouth without thought.
Her eyes widened.
‘Too soon?’  He’d never felt this way so quickly.
‘No, just…’ she smiled. ‘True, because I think I love you too.’
‘You think?’ he teased.
‘Yes, I think.’ She giggled.
They lay in each others arms and fell a sleep for a short while.
‘What’s the step forward?’ she asked the moment her eyes opened, and the reality of the situation hit her full force.
He sat up to look at her.
‘Well.’ He thought about Nadine and the plans he’d made with her. ‘I think you need to invite the detective over.’
‘We will need his help, but he won’t speak to me. He’ll think I want to bribe him.’
‘How’s he going to help us?’
‘If we don’t involve him, that child that’s gone missing, might never be found. I guess it’s time I do more good.’
She smiled.
‘I want to help, but with my record, he will not trust me, but he’ll trust you. But he must also follow my plan, or else it won’t work.’
‘Why’s that?’
‘If we tell the police what we already know, they might blow everything. I can guarantee there are ears in the force, if someone catches wind of our plans, news will travel so fast, all the paperwork and evidence we need to find Paige will disappear.’
London didn’t like the sound of that. Fear flooded her so fast, but he was quick to soothe her and told her not to worry. He was only stating what might happen, not what would happen.
‘So when should I get a hold of the detective?’
‘Now,’ he said as he shifted off the bed. ‘I’ll go and have a shower. You convince the detective to get here as soon as possible, and then we can spend the rest of the day together.’ He winked. 

Friday, 14 November 2014

In His Power (Beyond Darkness series)

In His Power is something a little different I guess. I've always wondered about people who do bad things, I'd love to believe that at some point in their lives there is a light inside them. Wishful thinking? Maybe, but it's good to have hope, and I guess this is why I write. To bring hope even in the mist of evil and darkness. Deep down somewhere I have to believe there is light in everyone!  Hope you enjoy this series,  I honestly don't know where its  going!

When something happens at one of Victor’s theme parks, a side business he has as a cover up, he meets a woman who might change his life forever. But not before he can change hers. A life changing event shatters her world, and loosing faith in the police, she accepts Victor’s help, with his not so ethical ways.  It might take a bad man to take down bad people. Will that make Victor a good man or just a man who has finally found love. There is light and darkness in all, but which one will he become? Will the light of love make him into the man he supposed to be? Only time will tell!


‘Come here you dirty bitch!’ Von chased Nadine through the massive house.
Nadine giggled as she tried to escape from his embrace.  They’d climbed the stairs and ran through the long passage towards the main bedroom, and he finally caught her.
‘I love it when you talk dirty.’ She laughed. ‘It gets me all horny.’
‘I love calling you dirty names, whore.’
‘I like it a lot.’ She slid out of his strong arms, and ran towards the master bedroom.
‘Do you really want to do it in here?’ he asked a little uncertain.
‘What are you scared of?’ She teased.
‘I think you know.’
‘Oh he won’t know. The staff will clear the sheets and put new ones. He won’t notice the difference.’
‘Hmmm. I don’t know. You and I both know what he’s like. And I’m still uncertain your staff won’t tell him.’
‘Oh come on. He’s not here. Don’t be a chicken. The staff on duty have received extra money from me. They won’t say a word!’ She stepped towards him, and brushed her lips against the gorgeous blond. ‘He’s out of the country, probably chopping someone’s head off.’
‘That’s not funny.’ He pulled back.
‘Christ! Von, you fear him, don’t you?’
‘I don’t! I just don’t want to get on the wrong side of him.’
‘Oh, you did that the moment you slept with me.’ She kissed him again. ‘Loosen up. Let’s just have our fun, and it will all be forgotten.’
He kissed her back. It was hard not to. After all she was the perfect ten to him. She had delicious golden locks, beautiful green eyes and a body that belonged on the catwalk. She was just the way he liked his women, wispy and beautiful.
‘Come on,’ she whispered against him. ‘Let’s be naughty. You can call me all the dirty names in the book.’ She winked.
His erection stiffened, and he trailed behind her into the master bedroom. She kicked off the black heels and fell into the luxurious bed. He crawled over her and laughed. She was so beautiful, he couldn’t believe his luck. He watched her a moment.
‘Don’t tell me you’re going all soft on me.’
‘No erm…’ He was.
‘No of course not.’
‘I’m still married to Victor, so don’t go all soft on me, telling me you love me and all that rubbish.’
‘How can I love a whore?’
A smile appeared across her face. That was the man she was attracted to.
‘That’s what I like to hear. Say it again.’
‘You dirty fucking whore,’ he said with more emphasis.
‘Rip my dress off,’ she said.
For a moment he looked bemused.
‘Go on, rip it apart. I’ll just buy a new one.’ She tempted him.
He watched her, his thickness about to explode. He wanted nothing more than to plant himself in her and fuck the living daylights out of her.  
‘Rip the fucking dress off!’
‘You want me to rip it off?’
‘Yes dam it!’ She panted.
With little thought he took the collar of the ruby dress and pulled it apart. The buttons flew in opposite directions, flying onto the bed and onto the floor. The action excited them both! He grasped her ample bust and squeezed hard. She let out a whimper.
‘Do you like that, bitch?’
‘I love it, harder, do it harder!’
He took her nipple beneath the silk fabric and squeezed hard.  
‘Oh god yes!’ Her head pushed back into the bed.
She scrunched the silk linen, and enjoyed the rough sensual touches from Von.
‘You like that, you want more, bitch.’
She shrilled at the word! Yes she wanted more, more than Victor could ever give her.
The black Jeep parked in the front driveway. Victor took a moment to give Bradley a ring. He answered on first ring.
‘Is everything in order?’ he asked.
‘Yes, everything is good to go.’
‘Perfect. I guess it’s time I dealt with Von and my wife once and for all.’
‘I guess so.’
He sighed. He knew what had been going on for a while, but had waited. But now it was time for him to put an end to it all.
The driver walked around to the back of the car and opened the door.
‘Sir,’ he said.
Victor stepped out. ‘Make sure you get ready to transport my wife to the airport.’
‘Yes sir.’
‘I want her to go very far away, so I can think. Otherwise, who knows what might happen.’
The man nodded. Victor took his time to walk into his home. The door opened for him and he stepped in without a care in the world. He looked up the stairs and noticed the bits of clothing scattered on them. He didn’t bat an eyelid. Instead he climbed the stairs.
Their noises were heated. It was certain that Nadine was having the time of her life. Victor pushed the door opened and gazed at the couple fucking!
‘Am I interrupting something?’
‘Shit!’ He flew off her as if she had something contagious. ‘Victor. Shit! I can explain.’
Victor didn’t move, nor was there any expression on his face.
‘Oh god!’ Nadine tried to cover up.
‘There’s no need to cover up love, I know what you look like naked.’ Victor fiddled in his pocket and brought out a cigarette.
He lit up while Von tried to find an escape route. Took a puff, lifted his head and blew a ring of smoke.
‘I suggest you make your way home, Von. Make sure you pick your clothes on the way out.’
Von watched the man suspiciously, and noticed the blood stains on the white shirt. He’d known Victor long enough to know what he was capable of.
‘I’m sorry,’ he said.
‘Don’t be. She’s a whore.’
Victor didn’t look at his wife instead he took another puff of the cigarette.
‘It will never happen again,’ said Von.
‘Now where have I heard those words before? Honestly. That’s what everyone says. They’ll never do it again. If I could get a pound each time I hear that, I’d be richer than I am now.’ He watched Von squirm. ‘What bugs me is, you say you’ll never do it again. Then why the fuck, do it in the first place?’
‘I know, it was wrong but –’  
‘But nothing, get out of my house!’
‘Yes.’ Von ran naked past him, and tried to pick up his clothes along the way.
‘What are you going to do to him?’ she asked.
‘That doesn’t concern you.’
‘You will kill him, won’t you? Don’t you have enough blood on your hands?!’
He stepped forward and took her by the chin. ‘Don’t you ever question me!’ He pushed her back onto the bed.
‘You can’t kill him. I won’t let you.’
‘Won’t let me?’ He laughed. ‘Please, Nadine.’
‘I know everything about you. I have so much dirt on you; you’ll be in jail in a minute.’
‘Do you realise how many police I have under my payroll. Do you? Your threats don’t scare me. Now get dressed, you’re going to the airport.’
‘I want you out of my house and out of sight.’
‘I don’t want to go.’
‘You don’t have a choice. If you want Von to still be breathing after he gets home, then I suggest you get on the plane.’
‘What did you do?’
‘I won’t do anything just yet. But if you don’t play nice, things could go very wrong.’
She shifted off the bed.
‘I’ll have one of the staff pack your clothes. The jet will take you to a nice Greek Island. I want you to stay there. You’ll have enough money to keep you happy for a long time. Cross me, and I’ll have you killed. Actually strike that. Cross me and I’ll kill you myself.’ He was about to step out. ‘And oh, don’t try anything stupid. I have ordered my men to kill, if you do.’ He winked.
She pushed back her lips and took it all in. This was the man she’d married. She knew what she was getting into, and she’d messed with him. Now she had to pay for her actions.  
‘Oh and by the way. This marriage is over.’ He turned and left her to get herself sorted.
Shock had hit her like a cold fish across the face. She’d been a fool to think she could get away with it. What had she been thinking? But she didn’t want to be made a prisoner in some foreign country. Nadine had to think of something, and she had to think fast.
‘I’ll go for now, but I will bring you down Victor Adamovich. I will.’ She promised under her breath.
Victor made another call to Bradley.
‘He’s on his way. She’ll leave for Greece today. Don’t kill him yet. Just shake him up a little. I might need him later.’
‘Yes sir.’
The line went dead. 

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Monday, 27 October 2014

Until The Sun Goes Down (Boundless Love series) Book 3

Sahara, Eugene and Joy are a family, and they’re happy! Life has been good to them, and Sahara is grateful for it. Life however has thrown them another curveball. How will the family handle it? Will it make them stronger or weaken them? Sahara proves to be stronger than what life throws at them. She believes that to live in the moment, is all that matters and important. Eugene on the other hand, can’t always agree with that. But together, they learn to understand each other and life, and they learn the greatest gift of all. Their love for each other! That was what it was all about, Love! 


She stepped out of the bathroom in her birthday suit. Eugene grinned. He put the laptop to the side and patted the left side of the bed. She walked over to him slowly. The breast that had been lost to cancer had been reconstructed and it had built her confidence even more.
She climbed onto the bed over him. Her legs over him like a bridge. He smiled as he placed his index and middle finger between her opened legs. Gently he ran his fingers over the flaps of her middle. She let out a gentle moan, and enjoyed the soft touch.
‘Still after five years, you still make me feeble at the knees.’ He joked.
‘You…feeble?’ She laughed lightly. ‘Unlikely. But I have a way with you.’
‘Yes you do, and I love you for it. You’re my dream girl.’
She leaned into him and met his lips, his fingers still teased her middle. She rotated her hips so she could get the best of him. She pulled back a moment, searched his eyes and grinned.
‘Are we going to try for another one?’
He giggled lightly. ‘We could, but don’t get all upset if it doesn’t work out.’
‘I can’t promise.’
He tilted to the side and admired her. She was such a strong and determined woman. After the birth of Joy, their lives had been a blessing after blessing. Things went smoothly, they were so happy they couldn’t ask for more.
‘At least don’t get mad at me. It’s really out of my control.’
‘I won’t get mad at you.’ She giggled then rubbed her nose against his.
He quickly moved so that she was on the bed and he was over her. He gazed down at his wife and saw all the years that had past between them. The more the years added on, the better looking she became.
‘How is it, each time I look at you, you look younger and I look older.’
She laughed.
‘Are you some kind of witch? Do you suck the life out of me to stay so young and beautiful?’
‘Oh please honey, you're handsome than ever. I see how the women check you out when we go out.’
He laughed.
‘You will always be the man of the ladies.’
‘But I will always belong to one. You have my heart, Sahara.’ He kissed her before she could say anything.
He captured her into him. He kissed her like never before. Each time felt like the first time. Their love was like something out of a fairytale. It always felt new, and even if they had their differences, it only brought them closer together.
He explored her body bit by bit. His kisses travelled over her body, down to her stomach and to her delicious thighs. He stopped between her legs and licked between her slit. She let out a soft moan as he expertly devoured her. His tongue worked like a magic wand. It sent tingles and vibrations through her body that at times she never wanted it to stop. She always tried to hold back on the orgasm, to prolong the intense build up between the walls of her middle, but he was that good, that amazing with his tongue, Sahara soon came over and over again.
He pulled up looking satisfied. He had the same cheeky smile he always had when he went down on her. She laughed mischievously. He kept her legs parted and slowly pushed himself into her. It was always the same, but always better. The moment she grabbed onto his shoulders and dug her nails into him, was the moment she knew she would never tire of him. He was the man who made her fall for him over and over again.
Eugene gazed into her eyes while he moved in and out of her. While he made love to her, he kept his eyes focused on her. It was his way of telling her that he was always there for her, no matter what. Sahara always knew and understood the message, and it was in those moments that she let go of all that was worrying her.
He moved her legs so they were wrapped around his neck. He knelt firmly on his knees and gave everything he had. They were joined, they were one and nothing could take that away.
‘I love you so much.’ He panted.
‘I love you more.’ She smiled
They allowed themselves to just be and finally release. He lay into her and she kept him in her arms. His warm skin against hers made her swell. The sound of his heavy panting made her realise just how lucky she was.
‘I’m really happy,’ she said finally.
‘I’m happy too.’ He looked up at her. ‘I hope we’ve made another little person.’ He slid down and kissed her stomach. ‘How about you be a boy this time?’ He joked.
‘Boy or girl, that’s fine with me.’
He rolled onto his side of the bed, opened his arms for her to lay into him.
‘What time do you leave for France tomorrow?’ she asked.
‘I’m out of the house at six.’
‘Did you tell Joy?’
‘I did and she wants something French.’ He laughed. ‘I’m not sure what that will be.’
‘Well, good luck with that.’
‘Yep. I’ll try and see Logan while I’m there.’
‘Yeah that would be nice. How’s she holding up in the new rehab centre?’
‘Seems better, but I’m not holding my breath. This has been the sixth centre she’s tried. I don’t think it’s the centres, it’s her.’
‘Well at least she’s trying. I guess it’s a daily battle, not something that’s cured. One day at a time. So each day she starts again, it’s worth applauding her for it.’
‘True.’ He kissed her forehead. ‘You are really great, and thanks for being so supportive.’
‘We all need that at some point in our lives. To fail is to give up. To keep starting again, that’s success.’
He nodded. He thought about the many times he’d failed at business in the beginning. The nights he’d gone hungry, the months he’d almost become homeless. He could’ve given up, gone back to working a job he hated for the security of money, but he didn’t. He kept at it until he found success.
‘You and I are alike in different ways.’
‘You only figured that out?’ she teased.
‘Not really, I’m just thinking about how I never gave up on my business ideas, and how you never gave up on living the life you chose. You had Joy, you fought cancer.’
She nodded.
‘I think its part of who we all are. But I also believe that just because someone seems to have given up, doesn’t make them any less. I think sometimes people tire of fighting the fight. At some point there has to be some breathing space.’
‘I guess it’s how long you’re willing to keep fighting to finally get that breathing space.’
‘Sometimes it’s almost a lifetime. Sometimes its a few days. Who knows why things happen the way they do. All we really can do is be thankful for what we have.’
‘And that’s why.’ He kissed her again. ‘I’m so grateful I have you and our precious little girl. If I lost every penny I had, but have the two of you in my life. I’d still be the happiest man alive.’ He smiled.
She kissed him gently and then settled into the bed to get some sleep.
‘Until the next moment my love,’ she said.
‘Until the next moment.’ He smiled.