Saturday, 19 April 2014

The Look In His Eyes

It wasn’t sympathy or disgust, it was acceptance. It was something Jasmine hadn’t experienced with a man. Not only had Jasmine spent years struggling with her weight she has a disorder no one understands.
At seventeen a teenage girl does the most horrible thing a teenager could do to another. From that moment forth Jasmine struggled with the terrible disorder that has always rubbed those who don’t understand the wrong way
After two disastrous dates, Jasmine vows never to go on a date again, even if it means being single for the rest of her life. But one morning after she drops by a coffee shop she meets Zack.
Zack is tall, handsome and an extremely successful architect dealing with some issues of his own. Zack seems to understand her completely and perhaps he understands her more than she understands herself. And so their unlikely journey begins. Zack becomes the key she needs to finally break free, fall in love and possibly feel normal again. 


He lifted her hand to his chest and looked into her eyes. That said it all and without much thought Jasmine pulled the keys from her bag and put them into the keyhole. She shut her eyes knowing very well that the minute she stepped into the house she would have to turn the key back and forth to make sure it was locked. Did she really want him to see that part of her?
The door unlocked and she stepped in and Zack stepped in behind her. She pushed the door closed, placed the latch on and put the key into the keyhole. She leaned against the door in darkness and turned the key once but couldn’t resist the urge to turn it back and forth. She scrunched her eyes closed with her other hand against the door and began to turn the key back and forth. She felt him move closer and his hand touched hers and together they were turning the key back and forth. His lips gently touched her neck, his hand not moving from hers. She gasped at the feeling, the soft touch of his lips and slowly and surely the turning back and forth of the key stopped.
Jasmine reached for the light to the left of the door and again the urge to switch it off and on overwhelmed her. But that didn’t stop him, instead he kept his hand over her hand and as she switched the light off and on, his hand simply followed her lead. Jasmine shut her eyes and let his tender lips explore her outer neck. It sent shivers down her spine that exploded between her legs. She’d never felt this way with anyone and although it was a new feeling it was the best feeling in the world.
‘I…’ she stopped flicking the light and turned towards him.
‘Ssssh, its okay,’ he whispered and cupped her chin in his hand. ‘It’s okay.’

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This is the first in the Jasmine and Zack Series!

Happy reading

- Iris

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Life after marriage wasn’t as simple as it sounded. There are a lot of challenges Dean and Heather have to face. For one they have a child that has shaken their partnership and not too long after that, Heather discovers a deep dark secret that she wished she’d known about before saying ‘I do!’

Although life can be challenging there is one thing Heather has learnt and that is unconditional love. There is no substitute for it and it keeps her going when things get really dark. But with everything, nothing lasts forever and at the very dark tunnel there is light in the horizon that makes love worth everything it’s made out to be. Love goes Beyond Vows. 


If only I’d seen the signs, if only I’d understood it at the time, perhaps we wouldn’t have gone through all the trouble, perhaps we would’ve sought help earlier. I don’t know what triggered it, the news of his son or other things I wasn’t privy to but found out later than I would’ve liked. I just wished life had prepared me for what was to come.

You live a life with your head in the clouds, dreaming of a happily ever after, but after you’ve said I do, nothing prepares you for what lies ahead. I thought I had it all figured out and at first we did. We had accepted the news of the child, we would work together but there was a secret demon lying in the mist of it all. Just waiting to come out and catch us all unaware. This was our life and we never saw it coming.

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Saturday, 22 March 2014

After years of pressure, blind dates and other hook ups instigated by friends, Heather finally finds the one at the age of thirty six. One not to settle for less than the best and believing in her dreams of the perfect mate, Heather’s dream is about to happen in three weeks time. But a knock at the door to their home one Saturday brings mind blowing news. News that could shatter all her dreams of the perfect man.

Will Heather loose faith in everything she believes in or will she rise to the occasion and believe that there is a silver lining in everything, and that the man might not have to be perfect but perfect for her.

Getting married, it’s supposed to be the happiest time of your life right? A handsome man gets down on one knee and asks you to be his one and only. You flush, you feel hot all over, you smile and you cry! There is an avalanche of emotions running through your body. Well that was how I felt. The day Dean Reinhart proposed was the day I did the ugly cry! I just couldn’t believe it, couldn’t believe that I would finally walk down the aisle in that beautiful dress and be the most beautiful woman on that day!
I’d said yes to him a hundred times over and then he had slipped the biggest diamond on my finger, my future as bright as the big sparkly on my finger, or was it.
Here’s the thing, it was three weeks before my wedding and I’m stood at our front door with my mouth wide opened. Two people are gazing up at me expectantly with mind blowing news! Three weeks! Three bloody weeks and this?! I wondered if Dean’s mother was behind this form of trickery, it wouldn’t be the first time she’s tried to dissolve our union. She doesn’t want a woman like me marrying into their money… to this day I’m still not clear what that was supposed to mean. But that was beside the point; there was something more important in front of me that needed immediate attention.
But first it would be a lot better if I started from the beginning and not at the end as I’ve just done.
Let me start with the introductions;
There’s mum a.k.a. Rosaline Greene – ‘You’re not getting any younger dear. The clock is ticking, tick tock, tick tock!’
Then there are the friends;
Georgina a.k.a. The ditzy one, five foot five, red hair and light brown eyes – ‘Oh look at Ben isn’t he gorgeous. He’ll be one soon…and oh I’m pregas again! You better get searching Heaths before it’s too late!’
Charlotte a.k.a. The smart one, five foot seven, beautiful hot chocolate skin and a fantastic curvy body– ‘What you need Heaths is a man who’s just like you. Forget the ‘one’ nonsense! Find someone who works for you. Look at Jon and I we work! He slots it in, babies! WALA! Back to being successful!
Then there’s me –Heather Greene a.k.a. Heaths or the one who believes in waiting for true love! Five foot ten, tall and thin and caramel skin. Yes I said it. I’m a thirty six year old woman who hasn’t walked down the aisle with glitter in her eyes to say I do. It’s not like I don’t want to, it’s just that I hadn’t found the right man. At thirty six I’d started to think about freezing my eggs or finding a sperm donor who delivers sperm on a scooter like the pizza guy! But it doesn’t matter what thoughts I possessed, the fact remains, I wanted a man who would make my stomach flutter, who would make me smile and all fuzzy inside. A man who got me; who didn’t have to ask but just knew what made me tick.
A tall order you might think? Perhaps; but there was a part of me that just couldn’t’ settle for okay just because I didn’t want to face loneliness.  Mum worries all the time, she thinks I’ll be this lonely spinster with no children to look after me in my golden years. My response was simple – I’d saved enough money to help pay for a care home in my old age, if it came to that. I might even find a golden oldie to share my life with – This response was not something she appreciated!
The truth was that ever since I was a little girl I dreamt of meeting prince charming. It’s every little girls dream to find the man who will whisk her off into the sunset. A bit OTT but a woman must dream, must believe that somewhere out there, there is a man who is simply perfect for her.
Ditzy Georgina recons it’s got something to do with my height. ‘You’re way too tall Heaths and you don’t help the situation wearing those six inch heels.’
Georgina’s right, I’m tall but that isn’t something I can help, I mean some things are beyond our control. The colour of our skin, our height, our gender our age, must I go on. These things can hardly be controlled and to think a man wouldn’t want me because he’s terrified of my height is ludicrous.  
I’ve courted many man, successful men, men living with their parents, men who haven’t grown up yet, men who someday believe they will make it big in music so never get a ‘Real job.’ Men who are short, men who are tall and I was yet to find the one.
Would there be any hope of finding that man? Out of a world of about seven billion there just has to be one, the man who would make me go all gaga on the inside and who I’ll never stop loving! That man came into my life very unexpectedly indeed!
Chapter One
Two years earlier
I stood in front of the mirror and decided whether or not I really wanted to go out in the dress that hugged against my hips so tight. It was a perfect sunny day outside and the girls and I were meeting up for our usual Saturday lunch. I was looking super duper tall in the heels and just couldn’t resist, there was just something in them that made me feel feminine. I turned and looked at my bum, as flat as an ironing board but it’s a bum nonetheless. Finally I decided ‘sod it’ and carried on with what I’d chosen.
By the time I arrived at Pizza Hut the girls were already waiting. A loud gasp departed Georgina’s mouth when she noticed the heels. I shook my head to warn her to pack it in; I just wasn’t in the mood.
‘Hey!’ Charlotte opened her arms and took me into a warm hug. ‘You look great!’ she beamed.
‘Yeah stunning except for the shoes. What have I told you about the tall thing? Sweetie if you want a man you’ve got to stop being a giant.’
I laughed and let Georgina’s words fly over me like a flock of birds I didn’t care to notice. A skill I’d learnt throughout the years. I gazed down at them both and pasted a wide grin to try and prevent what was coming.
Ever since we started meeting up on every other Saturday afternoon it had become a meeting to discuss potential suitors for me.
‘You’re glowing!’ I said to Georgina. ‘Pregnancy suits you!’
Georgina had managed to squeeze herself into a very floral dress that looked as though it would split open any second.
‘Thank you luv, she’s due anytime now.’
‘And you Charlotte always the elegant one,’ I said.
‘Thank you darl, I always promised myself that even after a husband and kids I wouldn’t become a frump.’
‘And you’ve done well. Have you decided on orders?’ I asked anything to keep the subject off me.
‘Should we go for our usual or are you tired of that?’ asked Charlotte.
‘I’m not fussed to be honest, how about you George?’
Georgina sighed a moment as her eyes wandered down the menu. Charlotte gazed at me a moment a little amused then back at Georgina.
‘Perhaps a decision in this century would do,’ Charlotte said.
‘Alright, alright, keep your knickers on!’ Again she took her time to take in the menu like it was the first time she’d seen it. ‘Yeah let’s go for the usual.’
‘Excellent!’ There was a hint of sarcasm in Charlotte’s voice that tickled me.
A waiter arrived and we ordered three pizzas to share all with different toppings. Two diet cokes for Charlotte and I and a regular coke for Georgina.
‘I’m not sure I get the point to diet coke. What’s the point of a coke if you can’t get the full fat? It’s supposed to be a treat!’
Charlotte gazed at her and then at me, I shrugged and snorted but it was the usual with us. It was the way we worked.
‘So,’ Charlotte turned to me.
The heat of the spotlight on me unnerved me.
‘Let’s not even go there,’ I interjected.
‘Go where, I haven’t even said anything yet.’
‘Well we all know where this is going.’
‘We need to address the fact.’ Georgina chimed in her two pence worth of wisdom. ‘Time is certainly moving at lighting speed.’
‘You don’t say,’ I said. ‘I thought it was moving at normal pace.’
‘Back to what I wanted to talk about.’ Charlotte fiddled for her mobile phone.
‘Let me guess, you’ve found me another date!’ I rolled my eyes.
‘Well you didn’t do well on the dating site we enrolled you onto.’ She flicked through some pictures.
‘I didn’t ask you to put me on the dam dating site in the first place!’
That had been a shocker! My two best friends in the world had gone behind my back and signed me up to a dating site.
‘We’ve got to get this ball rolling.’ Charlotte didn’t look up from the mobile.
‘Yeah by going on a date with a bunch of men who want nothing but fun times! Or who only text you when they want to get into your freaking pants! Or jerk off! Gees thanks!’
‘Oh sweetie they were just numbnuts! It happens in life you know… before you meet the right one.’ Georgina piped. ‘You have to meet a few frogs before meeting your prince.’  
‘You think!’
‘The problem with you Heaths is that you’re too picky, you’ve got to lower the bar a little,’ said Georgina.
‘Is that so? Well as far as I’m concerned I’ve done my part, it’s not my fault if the guy pulls a Houdini on me or an Irish goodbye.’
‘A what now?’ Georgina looked totally perplexed.
‘The faders, they just stop texting, stop calling. I can’t for the life of me understand that behaviour. Why don’t they just say, not interested! Who needs that shit! I mean was that the way it was when you met your Larry?’
‘Nope,’ she giggled. ‘We just bumped into each other at a festival and it was love at first sight.’
‘Great!’ I’m less than impressed.
Talking to Georgina sometimes was like talking to a penguin. How a woman with a PhD in economics could be so dim sometimes made me think my career choice in journalism had been the wrong choice. Psychology of the mind would’ve served mankind better.
‘Here he is!’ Charlotte stopped at a photograph. ‘If I wasn’t married I’d have gone with him myself.’ She pushed the picture in front of my face. ‘He just joined our company; he’s young and hungry for ambition.’
I studied the hunk in the picture and had to admit that he was very good looking. Tall dark and handsome, just the way they’re ordered. It sounded like a commercial for chocolate!
‘Nice!’ I said finally. ‘How old is he if I may ask.’
‘That my dear doesn’t matter, you’re in your prime. Women reach their sexual prime around thirty five, he’s perfect for you.’
‘You still haven’t answered the question.’
The waiter arrived with the drinks.
‘About time, I almost died of thirst.’ Georgina took a big gulp of the drink.
‘How old is he?’ I asked again.
‘Twenty eight.’
‘He’s going to give you a call tonight.’
‘You didn’t!’ I was furious, this wasn’t the first time Charlotte had set me up with an eligible bachelor.
‘He loves the picture of you I showed him and he’s perfect for you, six foot three. You guys will make the most adorable babies.’
I gazed at her not sure what to think or say.
‘Don’t worry, he’s good. Everything checks out. He’s not one of those men trying to make it while sleeping on their mums couch. Oh and his name is Joshua Kite. Jossssh.’ She fluttered her eyelids at the latter.
I sighed. It was a loosing battle, it was a done and sealed deal. I had a date with a man I didn’t know.
‘I don’t even know if I like him that way.’
‘Oh but you will, once you set your eyes on this caramel delight you’ll be taken.’
‘You’re unbelievable you make him sound like a chocolate bar! It isn’t just about looks is it? I mean we might not even have anything in common.’
‘Oh honey who needs anything in common with a man that looks like this. Just have his babies and get on with living!’
Clearly Charlotte wasn’t listening which made me wonder if the man was for her or for me. Lucky enough the pizza’s arrived which shut them up for only a minute.
‘So will you say yes; when he rings tonight.’
I chewed on the pineapple and ham pizza while I tried to find the right words to say.
‘Do I have a bloody choice?’ I asked finally.
‘You always have a choice hon,’ said Georgina. ‘I made the choice to have baby number three so I can’t complain about swollen feet and needing a piss every few minutes can I?’
For a moment we gazed at her but then realised it was Georgina.
‘Just say yes, there’s no harm in saying yes? It’s not like it’s a marriage proposal.’
‘I guess if I let you, you’ll buy me a husband soon.’
Charlotte laughed.
‘Can we do that? That might be an option.’ Georgina took a bite into her third slice.  
Charlotte and I glanced at each other then continued to eat. Some questions weren’t worth answering. The subject moved onto more relaxed topics. My tense shoulders relaxed and finally I began to enjoy the Saturday afternoon like a normal human being. When it was time to leave Charlotte took me into her arms as if we were at a funeral and said, ‘It’s all going to be okay.’
I pulled back and searched her eyes.
‘The date silly, it’s going to be fab. We can start shopping for wedding hats.’
‘Oh boy, you don’t quit do you.’
‘Not until you’re shacked up and pregnant!’ Georgina took me into a hug too. ‘You’re going to be just fine.’
‘Hey ladies, no one has died! Stop treating me like I’ve just lost someone.’
‘Oh don’t be such a sensy!’ Georgina pulled back.
‘I’ll call you tonight, to get an update.’ Charlotte stood besides her Audi.
‘Please don’t.’
‘Like or not I’ll call you.’ She blew kisses and hopped into the sporty car.
‘Text me,’ said Georgina as I walked her to the Landrover.
‘I will,’ I replied knowing very well I would do no such thing. ‘And don’t say no, you never know.’
I pulled a smile and helped her into the car.
‘Don’t give birth on the way home.’ I teased.
‘Oh don’t worry about me, this is my third one, I’m a pro.’
‘Hmmm, I can see that.’ I shut the door and moved off to my Insignia.
Georgina beeped and waved frantically and I waved back blowing her a kiss then set off home. 
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Sunday, 9 March 2014

Rocking His World

Does love conquer all or has it covered Kay’s eyes to what really is? After the clean up Kay begins to wonder about the relationship. Is Nate really who he say’s he is and can he change? But when promise after promise is broken, Kay begins to loose her edge.

Soon Nate will make a big mistake that could cost her her career. Changes and hard decisions have to be made. Nate may be the love of her life, the man who loves her just the way she is but is that really enough, is that reason for her to stay? Is it enough for her to cling on to? It will take time and important decisions to find out if Kay and Nate have a future together.


Kay rolled to the left of the bed and the cold air hit her. She sat up fast her heart pounding suddenly. Had it been a dream or had Nate spent the night. It was still dark outside, the green lights from the alarm clock screamed 4.15am. Only an hour left before she had to get up and get ready for her day. There was a tight feeling in her stomach, the feeling told her what she didn’t want to know.
Kay fiddled for the side lamp and noticed Nate’s shoes on the floor. So it hadn’t been a dream, he was somewhere in her house. The fear wrapped around her like a python taking away her ability to breathe properly. She pushed back the covers and stepped onto the ground. The fear increased the moment she took steps towards the door.
There was darkness in the hall but there was a faint light that came from downstairs. The stairs creaked as she slowly made her way downstairs.
‘Nate?’ she whispered as she got to the entrance of the living room. ‘Nate?’ She turned the switch so that the light flooded the room a lot more.
Nate was spread out across the couch, with one leg on the ground. His arms were crossed against his chest. Her eyes darted towards the table and she saw the twenty pound note rolled up like a pencil. Tears gathered in her eyes when she realised what she’d feared. He’d just taken some cocaine. Why didn’t she learn her lesson?
Her feet couldn’t move, they felt glued to the ground by the weight of the grief. It was a while before one foot stepped in front of the other and finally reached Nate. Kay gazed down at him, her stomach in knots her heart torn apart. How could she love someone so much and at the same time feel so much hurt? It would be easy from someone looking in, at one point she was that woman. The woman yelling from behind the scenes to dump that man, he’s no good. But here she was wrestling with herself; wrestling with the truth that she had fallen to become a victim of emotion. The man who lay on the couch had been the man who believed in her, was she about to toss him aside like he didn’t matter. Too many times Kay had burnt bridges before she’d had time to dig deeper, to realise that humans were not perfect and that many times over they made mistakes. Not too long ago Kay had almost starved herself to death, and it had almost become an addiction, equally destructive as Nate’s cocaine habit. How was it okay for her and not for him? Kay wrestled with her mind, with her emotions and with her conscious and failed to realise something until she took a closer look at Nate.
‘Nate?’ His bottom lip looked a little blue. ‘Nate!’ she shook him hard.
Nate’s body didn’t move an inch.
‘Nate please! Oh god!’
For a moment panic set in, Kay paced, what was she going to do? Her mind spun with many questions. Was he dead?
‘Oh god Nate!’ 

This is the final in the series and is available now at ARE and soon at Amazon, B&N, Apple and Kobo!

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Inside The Mind Of Iris Deorre

I decided to create this post to give my readers a better understanding of how I write. It's quite strange perhaps to those who don't understand my writing process. I guess I just wanted to share with everyone the reason I tend to break my stories into series. 

First of all it's not to torture you ;) and it's not so that you buy my next book. It just seems to happen. I can be in the processes of writing a great story, then suddenly it just stops. Nothing else comes to mind even though I know what the ending should be like. So when that happens I tend to finish the first part. When I do this something happens, it must be part of how I write, I don't know. But the minute  I break away from that part of the series, new ideas start to spring up. When I sit in front of a clean page, the words start to flow again.

So I start writing again and when this happens I write pretty fast. I hope that this helps explain my writing process and I'm honestly not looking to torture you .Teehee! There is nothing I want more than for my readers to read my work, if I could do it any faster I would.

And now just to say thank you to all of my readers for your support. It's because of you that I want to keep writing!!


Monday, 10 February 2014

Rocking Her World (Curvy, sexy, beautiful)

It’s a new year, a new life. Every year Kay makes a new year’s resolution but never follows through. But things are about to change. Kay’s world is turned upside down the minute she hands in her resignation. She informs her boss she’s resigning to follow her dream of becoming a singer. This rib splitting news almost turns her boss the colour of a strawberry; Kay’s convinced he’s wet himself.
‘A singer!’ He tried to catch his breath. ‘You’re not pop star material.’ His subtle way of telling her she’s two dress sizes too big.
He wasn’t far off the mark. As soon as Kay hits the spotlight she becomes the next headline and it isn’t her amazing soprano that’s got the attention. Instead it’s the roundness of her hips that have been headlining twitter since she stepped onto the stage.

It isn’t until Nate, up and coming rock star enters her life that things begin to take a different turn. But Nate has some secret demons of his own that at some point Kay will have to face too.

The man who walked in was handsome. He wasn’t a Rock star, he was just a man. All the titles disappeared and all that remained was him. Nate asked his entourage to wait outside while he had a word with Kay. He was the man she was slowly falling for even though she’d tried hard not too.
He perched gently on the side of the bed and took her hand. His blond locks flopped to the side as he tilted his head. For a moment Kay looked away feeling ashamed, embarrassed.
‘Hey don’t do this to yourself; you’re too good for that.’ He gently moved her head so that she was looking directly into his light blue eyes.
She bit back her lip.
‘Don’t let them do this to you,’ he said gently.
Kay knew exactly what he meant. Her body had been starved of nutrients. She’d worked her body to its limit trying to rid her of the little fat she had so she could hush the voices.
‘It’s hard to ignore jabs like, great voice, nice face but fat or I’m surprised the stage was still intact after that sing off with Nate… I’m not even fat!’ She cried. ‘I can’t do this! I can’t do this anymore!’ The tears flowed.
Nate squeezed her hand a little tighter and waited for the cries to subside.
‘When someone sits behind a computer screen and posts nasty comments, it says a lot about them. You’re not hiding; you stepped out to do what you love. The thing about stepping out is that the attention is on you. People are watching and waiting for you to fail, but there are also people out there waiting for you to succeed.’ He rubbed his thumb over the back of her hand. ‘The people who say these things aren’t bold enough to step out and live their lives, so don’t let them change you.’ His face turned into a question.
‘What?’ she asked shyly.
‘I don’t want you turning into a trouble maker.’
She frowned.
‘You know the types, no carbs, no meat, no salad dressing blah…blah blah… I mean after all that what’s really left, air?’
She giggled, he was funny.
‘Oh I’ll have a plate of air please.’
Kay was tickled and she couldn’t stop laughing.
‘Seriously though, don’t be that girl. I like you just the way you are.’
Kay felt a cold tingle journey through her body as she took in the magnitude of the words. He liked her just the way she was. He nodded reassuring her that this was true.
‘Don’t let me find out you’ve turned into a bag of bones.’
‘How else am I going to make this business?’
‘With your voice.’
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Sunday, 19 January 2014

Positively Curvy

The final part to the positive curves series. It has been a joy writing this series and I'm a little sad that it's over. But that won't be for too long as I'm already busy on my new book which is starting to unfold nicely. More on that a little later. But for now I hope you enjoy the last part to the Harley and Sebastian story. 

Harley has sacrificed a lot for Sebastian but Sebastian feels trapped. Susannah has become unbearable, demanding and demented! What will it take for him to break free from her conniving claws and her devil threats? Will Harley take him back if he goes against Susannah’s wishes?

The darkest hour is always before dawn, but who really wins? Good or bad? The villain or the good guy?

The final journey of Harley and Sebastian will take you where you never expected to go. Only time will tell what lies in store for them.

Positively curvy will also soon be available on B&N, Apple, Kobo and googleplay. 

Happy reading.