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Until The Sun Goes Down (Boundless Love series) Book 3

Sahara, Eugene and Joy are a family, and they’re happy! Life has been good to them, and Sahara is grateful for it. Life however has thrown them another curveball. How will the family handle it? Will it make them stronger or weaken them? Sahara proves to be stronger than what life throws at them. She believes that to live in the moment, is all that matters and important. Eugene on the other hand, can’t always agree with that. But together, they learn to understand each other and life, and they learn the greatest gift of all. Their love for each other! That was what it was all about, Love! 


She stepped out of the bathroom in her birthday suit. Eugene grinned. He put the laptop to the side and patted the left side of the bed. She walked over to him slowly. The breast that had been lost to cancer had been reconstructed and it had built her confidence even more.
She climbed onto the bed over him. Her legs over him like a bridge. He smiled as he placed his index and middle finger between her opened legs. Gently he ran his fingers over the flaps of her middle. She let out a gentle moan, and enjoyed the soft touch.
‘Still after five years, you still make me feeble at the knees.’ He joked.
‘You…feeble?’ She laughed lightly. ‘Unlikely. But I have a way with you.’
‘Yes you do, and I love you for it. You’re my dream girl.’
She leaned into him and met his lips, his fingers still teased her middle. She rotated her hips so she could get the best of him. She pulled back a moment, searched his eyes and grinned.
‘Are we going to try for another one?’
He giggled lightly. ‘We could, but don’t get all upset if it doesn’t work out.’
‘I can’t promise.’
He tilted to the side and admired her. She was such a strong and determined woman. After the birth of Joy, their lives had been a blessing after blessing. Things went smoothly, they were so happy they couldn’t ask for more.
‘At least don’t get mad at me. It’s really out of my control.’
‘I won’t get mad at you.’ She giggled then rubbed her nose against his.
He quickly moved so that she was on the bed and he was over her. He gazed down at his wife and saw all the years that had past between them. The more the years added on, the better looking she became.
‘How is it, each time I look at you, you look younger and I look older.’
She laughed.
‘Are you some kind of witch? Do you suck the life out of me to stay so young and beautiful?’
‘Oh please honey, you're handsome than ever. I see how the women check you out when we go out.’
He laughed.
‘You will always be the man of the ladies.’
‘But I will always belong to one. You have my heart, Sahara.’ He kissed her before she could say anything.
He captured her into him. He kissed her like never before. Each time felt like the first time. Their love was like something out of a fairytale. It always felt new, and even if they had their differences, it only brought them closer together.
He explored her body bit by bit. His kisses travelled over her body, down to her stomach and to her delicious thighs. He stopped between her legs and licked between her slit. She let out a soft moan as he expertly devoured her. His tongue worked like a magic wand. It sent tingles and vibrations through her body that at times she never wanted it to stop. She always tried to hold back on the orgasm, to prolong the intense build up between the walls of her middle, but he was that good, that amazing with his tongue, Sahara soon came over and over again.
He pulled up looking satisfied. He had the same cheeky smile he always had when he went down on her. She laughed mischievously. He kept her legs parted and slowly pushed himself into her. It was always the same, but always better. The moment she grabbed onto his shoulders and dug her nails into him, was the moment she knew she would never tire of him. He was the man who made her fall for him over and over again.
Eugene gazed into her eyes while he moved in and out of her. While he made love to her, he kept his eyes focused on her. It was his way of telling her that he was always there for her, no matter what. Sahara always knew and understood the message, and it was in those moments that she let go of all that was worrying her.
He moved her legs so they were wrapped around his neck. He knelt firmly on his knees and gave everything he had. They were joined, they were one and nothing could take that away.
‘I love you so much.’ He panted.
‘I love you more.’ She smiled
They allowed themselves to just be and finally release. He lay into her and she kept him in her arms. His warm skin against hers made her swell. The sound of his heavy panting made her realise just how lucky she was.
‘I’m really happy,’ she said finally.
‘I’m happy too.’ He looked up at her. ‘I hope we’ve made another little person.’ He slid down and kissed her stomach. ‘How about you be a boy this time?’ He joked.
‘Boy or girl, that’s fine with me.’
He rolled onto his side of the bed, opened his arms for her to lay into him.
‘What time do you leave for France tomorrow?’ she asked.
‘I’m out of the house at six.’
‘Did you tell Joy?’
‘I did and she wants something French.’ He laughed. ‘I’m not sure what that will be.’
‘Well, good luck with that.’
‘Yep. I’ll try and see Logan while I’m there.’
‘Yeah that would be nice. How’s she holding up in the new rehab centre?’
‘Seems better, but I’m not holding my breath. This has been the sixth centre she’s tried. I don’t think it’s the centres, it’s her.’
‘Well at least she’s trying. I guess it’s a daily battle, not something that’s cured. One day at a time. So each day she starts again, it’s worth applauding her for it.’
‘True.’ He kissed her forehead. ‘You are really great, and thanks for being so supportive.’
‘We all need that at some point in our lives. To fail is to give up. To keep starting again, that’s success.’
He nodded. He thought about the many times he’d failed at business in the beginning. The nights he’d gone hungry, the months he’d almost become homeless. He could’ve given up, gone back to working a job he hated for the security of money, but he didn’t. He kept at it until he found success.
‘You and I are alike in different ways.’
‘You only figured that out?’ she teased.
‘Not really, I’m just thinking about how I never gave up on my business ideas, and how you never gave up on living the life you chose. You had Joy, you fought cancer.’
She nodded.
‘I think its part of who we all are. But I also believe that just because someone seems to have given up, doesn’t make them any less. I think sometimes people tire of fighting the fight. At some point there has to be some breathing space.’
‘I guess it’s how long you’re willing to keep fighting to finally get that breathing space.’
‘Sometimes it’s almost a lifetime. Sometimes its a few days. Who knows why things happen the way they do. All we really can do is be thankful for what we have.’
‘And that’s why.’ He kissed her again. ‘I’m so grateful I have you and our precious little girl. If I lost every penny I had, but have the two of you in my life. I’d still be the happiest man alive.’ He smiled.
She kissed him gently and then settled into the bed to get some sleep.
‘Until the next moment my love,’ she said.
‘Until the next moment.’ He smiled.

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Happily Ever Now (Boundless Love) Book 2

Eugene and Sahara’s journey continues. She’s healthy again and now they can start their lives together. Or can they?  As the days turn into weeks, new challenges arise in their lives, and Eugene begins to learn what is important, while Sahara is just as stubborn as she’s always been. Her life battles have made her into the woman she is, which has also made it quite a challenge for Eugene.

Eugene learns more about himself than he ever has! He learns courage, patience and what really matters. Life sends blows that make him stronger and into the person he never thought possible. Their love will surprise and strengthen them both. And they will both understand how important the present moment is!


Sahara could feel the thick air in the house. She knew that the action she’d taken, would probably ruffle feathers, but she understood why she’d done what she’d done.
‘Honey?’ he said the moment she stepped into the living-room. ‘Are you okay?’
‘Yes, I’m fine.’
He studied her a moment. She was still so beautiful and he wanted nothing more than to take her into his arms, but something stopped him.
‘Is there anything you’d like to tell me?’ he asked.
‘No, why?’
He felt his body tense. This had been the first time he’d felt anger and love at the same time. He didn’t know how to react.
‘I tried calling you.’
‘I know, I just needed time to think.’
‘Think about what?’ he asked as calmly as he could.
‘When were you going to tell me you went to the hospital?’
‘When I understood what was going on.’
‘So what’s going on?’
‘I don’t think I can discuss it right now.’
‘Why not, I’m –’
He wanted to say husband, but he knew that wasn’t true, even though he felt like her husband. She gazed at him, not sure how she wanted to proceed.
‘Perhaps you’d like to tell me why you gave away the five million pounds I gave you.’  
‘So you’re checking up on me?’ she felt a tad irritated.
‘No, my accountant rang me. You can’t transfer large sums of money like that and expect it to go unnoticed. There are procedures and books to update.’
‘I’m lost. Wasn’t that money mine to do with as I please?’
‘That is correct, but I was hoping you’d use it for something nice for yourself.’
‘I did!’
‘You gave it away, you just let go of five million pounds!’ He felt himself get a little hot under the collar.
She looked at him with such anger in her eyes, he was sure she’d never want to see him again.
‘Let me tell you why I donated all that money,’ she started. ‘I donated that money to a project that wants to educate as many children as it can to read within eighteen months. The organisation will buy iPads and distribute them to children in underprivileged countries and help them learn to read. This organisation has a vision, they want to educate children who had no chance of ever knowing what the letter A looks or sounds like!’ She breathed heavily.
‘I get that, but why all that money. Honey, donations have been going to places like these for years, and there’s still no progress.’
‘Oh no, this isn’t just one of those projects. I will get to see the actual progress. These children will be educated. They will learn and they will grow.’
He sat back still not getting how this was relevant to donating all that money.
Alice said that I should help others that need it more than I do. But I didn’t quite get it until later today.’
‘Get what, because I sure as hell don’t get it.’
‘Somewhere in this world is tomorrow’s future, tomorrow’s doctors. Doctors who will one day find a cure to cancer. Out of the desert, one day a flower will spring. I only watered that flower. Don’t you see?’ She smiled, what she said gave her so much joy. He watched her a little amused. ‘The more we sit on money we don’t need, buying things we don’t really care about, to show off to those who aren’t bothered, the more we rob ourselves of the gifts, the diamonds that are hidden in the remote of places.’
He gazed at her intently.
‘We die because we don’t care, because it’s not our problem. What happens else where doesn’t concern us, but that’s the problem. We’re all connected. What concerns one person concerns the other. So I’m making it my problem. One day, out of that country no one cares about lies the answer to cancer.’ She dropped to her knees and burst into tears. 

Available at Amazon

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Don't say you love me! (Boundless love series)

This series is close to my heart. It's dedicated to my nan, who was an extraordinary woman! I'd say that she taught me what unconditional love is. To give and love without expecting it in return, is the hardest thing in the world. But as I watched her, I understood one thing. It gave her so much joy. My story isn't based on my nan, but it tells a story that I learnt from observing her. I'm excited about this series, and I hope it finds those who need it. I hope it gives some insight as to how blessed we are to be here right now, in this present moment.

Live like there's no tomorrow! 

Hope you enjoy!

Perhaps sometimes battles aren’t meant to be won, but managed. What if life had always been the same? At some point the inevitable would happen. How would you live your life?

Sahara has accepted her life. She has been doing so since the age of seventeen. But at her best-friends wedding, she meets Eugene, who might change the way she views her life forever.

Not wanting to get too close to anyone, for reasons only Sahara, her family and friends understand. She refuses to open up, but Eugene persists. The playboy that he is won’t give up on the one woman he thinks might be the one.  This is the woman he’s been waiting for all his life, but he has absolutely no idea that his love has to go beyond what he’s ever done before. It will be a test of true love!


Myles pushed back his seat and they moved out of the room and into the hall that seemed a lot less busy.
‘What is it?’ asked Myles.
‘I need to ask you something.’
Myles had known Eugene a long time to know that his questions usually involved a woman.
‘First of all, I probably won’t be able to help you. This is my wedding day, I’m not setting you up with anyone.’
Eugene laughed. ‘It’s not like I need help with that. Do I?’
‘Probably not, but am I wrong in thinking that this involves a woman.’
‘Not entirely.’
‘I thought so.’
‘I just wanted a little information on that pretty maid of honour.’
‘Oh no you don’t!’ Myles was serious. ‘This one is not just any woman, she’s not another notch in your bed post.’
‘Blimey! It almost sounds like you like her yourself.’
‘It’s not what you think. She’s very important to the woman I love, and I won’t let you near her.’
‘Won’t let me?’ He laughed.
‘Yes, I won’t let you!’
‘I don’t need your permission.’
‘Well then, you don’t need my help.’ He was about to walk away.
‘Okay wait, just hear me out.’
‘She’s not just any woman. You can’t just walk into her life and walk out like you do.’
‘I’m not going to do that.’
‘I mean it Eugene. I’m your friend, but Emily means more to me.’
‘Wow! You have changed!’
‘I have, I’m a man now. A responsible one.’
‘And I’m not?’
‘I…listen, let’s just get back to the reception.’
‘Not until you tell me her name.’
‘Ask her yourself!’ Myles was a little put off. It had always been this way with Eugene, and he never expected him to change.
‘Maybe I will…oh and thanks for nothing.’ He started to walk off.
‘Hey man. Just leave this one alone. Please.’ He begged.
Eugene turned towards his friend with his hands in his suit pockets, and pursed his lips.
‘Just leave her alone.’
‘I think I’ll let her make that decision,’ he said and walked away.
Myles shook his head, watched as his friend walked away and head for the balcony.
‘Some things never change,’ said Myles under his breath.

Available at Amazon UK, Amazon US and soon at ARE, Kobo, Barnes and Noble and the Apple store.

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Second Chances ( Mending Hearts series) Available now

The final  part to the mending hearts series is now available. I hope you enjoy!

An abuser’s life blood is their victim. But when that victim extracts themselves from the abuser, sometimes there are dire consequences.

When Nina and Liam try to focus on their lives, their abusers have ideas of their own. Leaving their abusive relationships isn't that simple. It not only takes strength, it takes courage and love too.

What happens when the abuser won’t let go? How far will one drive the other, and how much will the victim put up with?

The road is long and tedious for both Liam and Nina. And just when you think there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, darkness falls on them again. Will they really survive it this time? Their relationship will prove just how strong love can be, and how sometimes, letting other people in, not only helps them, but the other person too. 

Sunday, 27 July 2014

What About Tomorrow (Mending Hearts Series)

The second part to the Mending series is now out. It has taken me on a journey again, and I'm looking forward to writing the third and final part. It's an intense journey, even for me. I guess I tend to be in the minds of my characters.  I really enjoy telling their stories though, and I hope you enjoy them too. 

The journey to freedom isn't always an easy one. Nina knows what she wants, and has taken the bold steps to make that happen.  Liam on the other hand doesn't have it so easy.  He has to think about it. To walk out would mean he could loose his son. It leaves things in a complicated mess.

As Nina battles Colt, she begins to  have doubts about her relationship with Liam. What seems like a fairytale start, has now been struck with life's realities. Nina has to question what she wants. For the first time in her life, she has to put herself first. That decision could cost her their new blooming relationship. 

It's a journey worth taking. As with all things, anything worth having, must be worked hard for. But will they survive it all? 

Now available at Amazon, ARE and soon at B&N and the Apple store. 

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Broken (Mending Hearts) Series One

Okay, my next series... the first part is out. Whew!!! It was pretty hard to write, but I had to write it. It's one of those things that you know deep down within you, you have to tell the story  no matter what. So here it is...Life is beautiful...You can overcome anything as long as there is love!

I hope you enjoy!

Nina and Liam meet under unusual circumstances. Liam believes that everything happens for a reason, but Nina begs to differ. Life has given her some unfriendly blows. With a nightmare husband and a family across the ocean, Nina just thinks life is unfair.

But as things develop and unfold, maybe Liam is right. Life has a way of sorting itself out. Nina discovers that she has no control how her life unfolds. She can make decisions, but when it comes to the heart, that decision is made for her.

Love doesn’t and should never hurt, but it takes pain first before Nina can realise that.

This is the first part to the series, Mending Hearts. 


Liam took a seat in his chair and observed the woman who sat in front of him. Even though he’d just met her, he was drawn to her. There was something vulnerable about her. He was drawn to her energy, but he could sense the walls around her.
‘Do you want to talk about it?’ he asked.
‘Talk about what?’ She played dumb.
‘About why you slept out on the street last night.’
She was silent. She wasn’t sure she wanted to tell her story to another stranger.
‘Does he hit you?’ he asked.
Nina sat back astonished.
‘Your eyes, I can see the bruises around your eyes. You didn’t accidentally bash into the door.’
She was silent and felt super exposed. He stood up and drew closer towards her and perched on the edge of the glass desk.
‘Does he say mean and spiteful things?’ He gazed at her, but she refused to return his gaze. ‘And after all the horrible things he’s said and done, does he become caring and charming?'
Nina looked at him a moment, everything he said was true.
‘I have to go,’ she said suddenly.
Nina stood up, she wanted to get out of the office as quick as possible, things were a little too familiar.
‘Will you at least let me call you a taxi?’
She was hesitant.
‘I’ll settle the bill, don’t worry. I don’t want you walking to wherever it is,’ he said.
Nina nodded, she was certain she wouldn't be able to walk back. He picked up the phone and called a local taxi company.
‘They’ll be here in five minutes,’ he said as he put the phone down. ‘Here, take my card.’ He got up and handed her his card. ‘You can call me if you need anything at all.’
‘That’s really nice, but you don’t have to do that.’
‘Trust me, I do, you don’t have to go through it alone.’
‘Go through what?’
‘The abuse.’
She was silent.
‘Let me walk you out.’

Soon Available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, All Romance eBooks and Apple. 

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About my stories and looking back!

It’s been nine months since I went into full-time writing and it’s been an amazing and fulfilling ride. Writing romance and erotic fiction brings a sense of satisfaction that I’ve never found with other genres.

When I start writing a story, I never know what’s going to happen. The characters lead me, rather than I, lead them. My writing process always starts as an idea. It could be a word, a song or just something I’ve observed that starts the ideas flowing.

Even though I start with an idea, the end result is never what I plan it to be. It’s the strangest, but greatest feeling when the end of the story shocks me. My life is built around each of my characters; I try to imagine what they would feel like in certain situations. I tend to write what I feel, rather than what is selling.  When I got the idea to write ‘The Girl with the Curves’, I was in bed, in the middle of reading a novel by a well known author. I stopped for a moment after I’d read the description of a character and thought, ‘Gosh! Where are all the other women in this world?’ I never get to read about them much, and as far as I’m aware, there are billions of different and unique people on this planet. And so my story about a strong curvy woman began.

When I wrote the Jasmine and Zack series, ‘The Look In His Eyes’, I had thought about what it would feel like to have a mental illness no one understood. I wanted Jasmine to find love, despite her disability. The next series I’m writing has a similar theme. It isn’t a disability, but it’s about things we don’t hear much about. I guess, I like to bring to light, that which is hardly spoken about.

My stories are about everyday people who want and deserve love just like everybody else. They don’t have to look or be a certain way to find love, they just have to be human.

To be human is amazing! To be yourself is even better! I hope my stories continue to entertain, and thank you for all your support!

- Iris